About Me

Hi! I am Crystal Davis – a Mom of 3 gorgeous children, a FT office administrator, a new lover of fitness and trying to find my way doing it as a single Mom for the second time!

These are my littles:

This is “M” – he is a strapping 8 year old.

11054372_10153138757237667_5995666176857428289_o 11066065_10153138757797667_5499033035552830800_o

This is “H” – she is my mini-me. My petite 7 year old.


My “babies” are 19 months apart and VERY close….


This is my first baby – my NOT so little – “V”. She is my anchor and my best friend, and 20!! How did THAT happen???

11695810_1008792482499171_3270262190615295558_n 10314011_760524420659313_5823812088547965196_n

The three of them are my world ❤


Grab a cuppa (something – I drink tea) and join us on our journey!




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