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19 years, 2 months, 1 week ago…. that is when this photo was taken.  On my birthday and 6 days before my “V” came into this world.


Not a WORD about the hair – got it?? LOL! It was the mid 90’s….what can I say? By 39 weeks cutting my bangs was the last thing on my mind.  I guess straighteners weren’t popular then either hey???

So yes – 6 days before my little lady came to visit me I celebrated my 20th birthday….I wasn’t told she was a girl…but I knew.  I had picked out her name every since I was 5 years old – crazy hey??

Fast forward 4 days – OB appt…. I am told to prepare for induction and possible C-section.  (I had been having fetal assessments regularly – I don’t remember why. Not sure I even knew at 19/20 – I just did as my Dr said). Turns out this little peanut was facing up and losing amniotic fluid.

May 29, 1996. Checked into the hospital and prepared for induction. No c-section needed as baby has turned -yay!…but this little one wasn’t done having all of the fun yet…..oh no…..

When “V” turned she got tangled in her umbilical cord. Her heart rate dropped dangerously low a few times.  “V” had to be ‘vacuumed’ out and had a very low apgar score so off to the NICU she went for a bit.  First I got to see her little 6 lbs 12.5 oz body and to me she was perfect.  And other than a small heart murmur – she was.


Does THAT look like the face of someone causing all sorts of trouble?? NEVER!!