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So as you can see I was a young Mom. Not a teen Mom, but still a young one.  I enjoyed going out and having a good time – kind of how I got into “trouble” to begin with – haha.  But in all seriousness, I wasn’t scared, or worried about becoming a Mom.  I knew my life would change…..but only for the better.

I was also a young single Mom.  I realized early on that it would be better that way.  “V” was my true love in life, and I would only do things to make my life better so she would be happy.  Or at least I would try my damn hardest to do so!

CLOUD-page-001Seriously – LOOK at that chubby little angel!! OMG I could just eat her up!!! I can NOT believe how quickly time flies!  This was a FUN photo shoot!  Here is my other favorite from the day……


Haha – can you tell that one of my past times became scrapbooking???? We’ll get into that later, but get used to all the fancy schmancy pages as that is where almost all my photos are now!

This is my favorite part of this photo…..TUB-page-002 Take a close look – you can still see “cloud” fluff in “V”‘s toes! LOL! Made me love it even more!!  I believe she was 3 months here.

A couple of months later and I am SO excited as she is starting to get HAIR!!! YES!!!!

LOOKING UP-page-001

Grandma wasn’t so excited because I started putting “horns” on her head! But really?? She actually LOOKS like a GIRL now! This photo still mesmerizes me to this day.  My heart is taken ❤

Don’t we look like a happy couple?????

3 YO 2 OF US-page-001 Ya ya – I know – AGAIN with the hair!! Still the 90’s!! About 1999 I believe!! My 3 year old now has hair IN ABUNDANCE!! And what a little lady! HA! That doesn’t last long!!

BUT this is also about the time when things REALLY started changing for me……HUGE…….