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In my last post I talked about being diagnosed with depression. These days it is a BIG topic of discussion, to which I am VERY grateful as it is so much easier to find help and support.  However more education is needed, especially with public perception about children.

There is still this stigma that only adults can be depressed. That teens and young children couldn’t POSSIBLY have depression – after all – they are so young! What could they possibly be SAD about??

This is where education is needed. For people to realize that, yes, depression CAN be brought on by stress, a death etc, BUT it is ALSO a MEDICAL CONDITION. A chemical imbalance in the brain – a mood disorder – it is beyond one’s control,  it is probably hereditary and it needs treatment.  And this INCLUDES children.

Symptoms can include:

Depression in Children

I was more than likely depressed as a child, and I KNOW I was in my teens.  And I can NOT express enough how much of a difference counselling and anti-depressants made in my life. This will come up more throughout my journey…

I was happy again.  I was able to finish school, hold long term jobs, and be the Mom I wanted – needed – to be!


YES! Sunshine was back in our lives!! And as I mentioned previously – this is where scrapbooking comes in!!!

Fighting depression is a lifelong battle.  While medication helps control things, you ALSO need to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and avoid triggers – like drugs, alcohol and other stressors.

So – I changed my spending habits – from going out to buying scrapbooking supplies! A gf and I decided we BOTH needed to focus on getting ourselves healthy and happy, and to dedicate more time to our families. And what better way than 2 girls changing into PJs, cranking the tunes and glorifying our memories with outlandish embellishments??? 😉

**If you need help please contact your doctor. There are also resources for Manitoba here: http://www.ementalhealth.ca/Winnipeg-Regional-Health-Authority/FindHelp/index.php?m=findHelp