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How many other Mom’s out there got sucked into the “past time” that is scrapbooking? Be honest now!

It started out as a small hobby – something fun to do when my daughter was away, or the weather was crappy.  My gf and I started out small….. and cheap! We thought this was the greatest thing since…… well since a lot of things actually! We frequented Dollaramas as they seemed to have a plethora of supplies – and were super inexpensive – perfect for us single Mommies! As you can see from my first posts, the pages were very….. simple.  We had glue, and sticker embellishments, some scissors with fancy blades and a few shape cutters.  We got creative (so we thought at the time) with popsicle sticks (to make pages look 3D) and beads, pins etc.

Well……THEN we were introduced to places such as Michaels and other small ACTUAL scrapbooking stores, and simple – and cheap – went right out the window!  The selection and quality was superior, and we were literally in scrapbooking heaven! Could it get better?  Actually YES – YES IT COULD! (More to come on that).

Of course after a couple of years of doing this, our lives again get busy, kids are older and time and passion for the hobby slows down.  Aaaand we meet people that enter our lives and become “significant others”…….


I started dated “M Sr.” in May of 2005.  I had known him for a few years prior, and actually, we didn’t get along!  I am not sure what drew us together…… but this was the start of an almost decade long, tumultuous relationship.

Over time we moved in together and I became a step-mom to 2 beautiful young boys “N” and “J”.  “V” and “N” were just over a year apart, and for the most part we all got along well.  “M” drove truck at the time so I was home alone with the kids – and we had our routine – and I of course had my “hobby” to keep me busy!


We spent a lot of time outdoors and camping while “M Sr.” was home and did things normal families did – birthday parties, holidays etc.  Being a blended family didn’t seem so hard!  Plus I had a TON of great memories and pictures that I get to add to my scrapbook collection!!!

Fishing V Catfish208577_5326052666_7330_n

Then “M Sr.” had a falling out with his Dad (who he worked with) and decided a career change was in order.  This is where life got ‘flipped, turned upside down’ (in the words of Wil Smith 😉 ).  I wasn’t used to having someone around ALL the time! My routines were suddenly changed, and we all started arguing a lot more – even the kids amongst one another.  We dealt with it as best we could.  “M Sr.” went back to school for a new career and I continued on in my FT job, and we tried to handle things as a family unit.