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2007. School has ended for all, “M Sr” is working in his new career and kids are heading off to camp for their first time! All seems well, except I am not feeling too hot!  Been sick and tired – no EXHAUSTED – far too often.  And……crap.  I’m also late.

Things hadn’t been all peaches at home.  “M Sr.” and I decided to go into couples counselling and it was going…….ok.  So when I decided to go and take a pregnancy test while on my lunch break at work (yes I know) – I wasn’t overly overjoyed when it came back with a big ‘ol ‘+’ sign! In fact I was down right terrified!

The funny this is….is when I went to tell “M Sr.” I TOTALLY started the conversation off with “We need to talk – and I don’t know how you are going to react”.

He was RELIEVED as he thought I was going to tell him I found someone else! LOL! The look on his face – man I still remember it!  While we never planned on more kids (I was on the pill but things happen), and things were rough between us at the moment, we were happy about what nature had given us, and that was another life to love.

We told the kids on the way to camp – they were surprised to say the least! And we now needed to buy a van as the car was going to be too small.  We were all a little shocked but excited about a new addition to the family!

We also had a wedding that year – my cousin was getting married in Banff – so we really looked forward to the road trip as a family!  Here are a couple of pictures of me – 8.5 weeks pregnant with my little bean. (This is also where my weight issues would start….).

224225_7454822666_4948_n Big Belly and little belly!

8.5 weeks prego

8.5 weeks pregnant here! Oh to be this “Big” again!!!

And then we found out – the little bean in my tummy is going to sprout into……


“handsome” isn’t he?? YUP! A boy!


The girl’s were now out numbered in our house!!! 3 more months to go!