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The pregnancy seemed a lot harder than when I was pregnant with “V”.  Maybe it had to do with my age – there was 12 years difference after all! I wasn’t a young lady any more!!! Maybe it was the stress at home……whatever it was, it seemed to take forever for my little bean to arrive!

But I wasn’t worried!! I had my hobby to keep me busy!!! Here are a few pages I did of my tummy close to when I was due 🙂


This is a simple page – with a awesome poem I found on vellum and a little note from Mommy ❤

So near

This is one of my favorites.  I don’t know why – but the simplicity of the view of my baby belly…. just makes me smile.

This next one though – **warning – some mild nudity**

Elegant belly

This is my absolute favorite ❤  I wish I had one like this of all my babies.

Side note – have you noticed the difference in the scrapbook pages?? It’s amazing the techniques you learn….more on that later 😉

Even though there wasn’t a lot of weight gain with “M”, the little man decided to sit right on my sciatic nerve, making everything impossible – sitting, walking, sleeping….yes, basically life – haha! Another trouble maker on my hand (boy – little did I know how true that statement would become)! So my OBGYN decided induction would be best…..

It's Time

Finally the time has come!!! In a few hours we would be meeting our son!