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March 5, 2008 at 8:57pm, weighing an itty bitty 5lbs, 13oz and 20′ long,  our sweet “M” came into this world.

Baby M BW

He was just the cutest damn baby EVER! Wide eyed by the next morning, and soooo good!! But already at a day old – so serious! (He has an old soul).

Why so serious

We, of course, had hospital photos done on top of the million and a half I snapped while we had our stay (*scrapbooks you know – cough cough*)

Sweet M

My Sweet Sweet, tiny “M”.

Here he is on his first Easter (just a couple of weeks old!) Far cry from that strapping lad on my About page, hey?? He wore premie everything for a while, but it didn’t last long.

1st Easter Collage

Though he be tiny – he be FIERCE. and STRONG! This boy grew so fast!!!!

6 Months

6 months old – and I LOVE his little bald head!!!

Summer Fun

He LOVED the outdoors (still does!!). So happy and smiling all of the time! And a little devil too!

Or What

This look meant trouble! It was a smile that forewarned us he was about to do something he shouldn’t! But doesn’t your heart just MELT looking at him! Oh to go back to these days!!!

Busted_Trouble Collage

THIS right here pretty much sums our M up! He was pulling himself up out of his crib and onto his high chair tray at 7 months, and RUNNING by 9! His uncle commented he was the only baby with a 6 pack! LOL!  He kept us on our toes, and most of all, brought so much LOVE and JOY into our lives! Our family seemed like it was complete once more <3.