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Having such a large blended family was interesting to say the least. We never had a dull moment (although the kids might disagree!).  I have a very large extended family as well, so there were always family dinners, birthday parties or holiday celebrations happening. Plus the kids had sports, sleep overs, school events…. never a photo op shortage for this camera happy Mom, let me tell you!

And as I mentioned in my earlier Blog posts here and here, I was introduced to the world of scrapbooking, and I fell head over heels in love!

Aside from Michaels™ having an INCREDIBLE selection, plus amazing deals if you use their coupons, there was a small scrapbooking shop we frequented in Stonewall, MB, called the Scrap Yard.  You can find them on Facebook here (store closed due a devastating fire in 2013). It was through retreats we attended through here that we were also introduced to Creative Memories™. Their tools made scrapbooking SO MUCH MORE FUN! CM™ allowed us to create so many different styles and add neat embellishments to our pages! If you look at “M”s 6 month photo here, you can see I wove lace through his photo.  I accomplished this by using this “fancy” border maker tool by CM™.  You can find out how to get yourself one by clicking here!


Creative Memories also offers albums, paper packs, starter kits, stickers and the best cutting tools/mats I have ever used!


No, I am NOT a Creative Memories™ rep, lol! I just tell ’em like I see ’em!

The owner of the shop also introduced me to stamping and inking.  My way of scrapbooking would change from that day on! I LOVE using stamps and inks (or chalk for that matter) to do lettering, edging etc.  You will see this technique in my later posts 🙂

My 2 favorite places for scrapbooking retreats was the Wilderness Edge Resort in Pinawa MB, and at Camp Arnes in Arnes, MB.  One was more of a “hotel” stay experience (Wilderness Edge) and the other was just like being at camp, but with a bunch of ladies and scrapbooks!  If you have never gone on a scrapbooking retreat, or done crop nights – DO IT!!!! The camaraderie between everyone there is barre none. You will learn so much, and more than likely make new friends for life!