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Things had settled down a bit in our household.  I went back to work early (co-worker was on mat leave), “M Sr” and I were attending couples counseling regularly and the kids were all busy being kids!

I remember it was in February and we were in the middle of planning “M”s 1st birthday and finalizing custody of “J” and I was again feeling “off”.  “M Sr” was teasing I was pregnant but I REALLY didn’t think so! We had only been “close” a couple of times – hence the counseling.  My gf was over helping with the legal paperwork, and I confided in her about “M Sr’s” suspicions, so off we went at 10:00 at night to the drugstore to pick up a pregnancy test.  And guess what – YUP! Another big ‘ol “+”!

I was going to be a Mom again! A Mom to FIVE KIDS! WHAAAAAT?!

Well……last time we had to buy a van – THIS time – it was time to buy a house!

We looked all over the city. We really didn’t want to leave the area but nothing was large enough and within our price range, so we started expanding our search.  At this time the housing market in Winnipeg had started to boom and we were not finding ANYTHING – or bids were going WAY out of our price range! We moved our search outside of Winnipeg.  We found a couple east of the city – which we really liked since we headed east a lot for camping etc; but once the weather warmed up, we saw that the area flooded so we looked elsewhere yet again.  My brother and his wife had bought a house north of the city, so when a large 5 BR, 2.5 bath came up for under our price range in the same town we decided why the hell not?! At least we knew someone out there, the kids had a cousin to play with, and it wasn’t horribly far from the city.

We made an offer – and suddenly after MONTHS of worry and disappointment – we actually bought our first home and were moving in 2 months!

I don’t know where all the photos I took are – I think they are stuck on my desktop that won’t turn on atm – but here is a Halloween one I found of our place.


It really doesn’t do it justice. Those are 2 beautiful apple trees and there were 2 large gardens under each window. But this was our first “owned” home together.

And THIS is the sneak peak of the baby in the belly!!

Sneak Peak Collage


“M Sr’s” side was ECSTATIC as there were no baby girl grandchildren yet so this one was going to be spoiled something rotten I think!  I was just happy she was growing well and healthy (I had gained a lot of weight and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, so we kept a close eye on her).

**Notice the stamps and the ink edging on the scrapbook pages??**