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October 16, 2009.  Woke up feeling weird and moved to the couch.  Ended up asking “M Sr” to stay home as I had a feeling today was the day.

I didn’t realize what I was experiencing were contractions for most of the day as my 1st 2 babies were induced and THOSE contractions were hard, in my back and hurt like hell.  These were different….more like pressure…. and a baby’s head knocking to come out! LOL!

After FINALLY timing them on the advice of a friend we started to get things together and make our trip into the city. We had a few stops to make along the way, including dropping the kids off to be watched, and being driven to the hospital (parking is insane). I was also REALLY hungry! Being induced with my 1st 2, you have to have an empty stomach, and are STARVING 12 hours later after it is all said and done, so I didn’t want to take that chance.  Man – I was so naive!! Contractions 3 mins apart and I am eating a Superboy burger and sharing fries and a drink!


Arrive at the hospital and check in – contractions now 2 mins apart and REALLY starting to hurt, and I am now feeling sick….hmmm…..I wonder why?!

It took a while to get registered, ‘checked’, monitored and then I am told to go for a walk – yeah, that lasted less than 10 mins. Suddenly I can barely walk and I am told “Yup! It’s time” and “Let’s get you to a room”!  We barely got settled in and she was on her way – FAST!  Daddy almost caught her – the Dr didn’t even make it into the room!

Checked into hospital at 19:10, she arrived on a water slide at 20:51 – no drugs, heck, almost no pushing!  7lbs of pure perfection – wide eyed and ready to conquer the world!

Baby H2WM Baby H

Welcome to the world my sweet baby girl “H”! We have been waiting for you! ❤

It was nice to have a baby girl again – pretty dresses, blankets and, of course, pretty scrapbooking things!! LOL! Her Big brother “M” ADORED her – and her right back, from early on.  These two would become inseparable.

BN Collage

Pure adoration ❤

G is for Girl

Such a beauty – I am one lucky Mamabear (and maybe a tad bias).

BG Hand

Biggest of all my babies at a “whopping” 7lbs, she still fit perfectly into her Daddy’s hand!


She was such a character early on – and really was just “cute as a button”.

Fall Collage

Of course they grow so fast – but always so many smiles for Mommy and her infamous camera! (And yes – BALD! ALL my babies were bald until they were at least 2!)

Have you noticed the difference in my scrapbooking styles over these last few posts? The right tools and experiences REALLY make the difference.  In this time I was also introduced to a nifty little machine called a Cricut™.  You can find more on that here – just know that it is a game changer for letters and photos and layouts and more!

7 in the family was the max for this lady! 3 months after Miss “H” was born I had a tubal Ligation (NOT an experience I would recommend to anyone btw), no more bambinos for this Mama! I am blessed with 3 ❤