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So needless to say (or is it since I’ve found the need to blog about it), being in a house with 5 kids in a small town while on mat leave is NOT the most entertaining lifestyle – especially when we got down to one vehicle, and my brother and SIL decided to move!

You start to CRAVE adult company….. you NEED it – before you go completely insane!

I was always fascinated by those great baking shows – you know the ones, where they create these cake monstrosities and you wonder to yourself – how in the HELL did they get so talented??   Well…I wanted to learn. I wanted to do that! After all – I had enough kids to make cake for!

So I decided I needed a new hobby!  My gfs were really busy, and me leaving for weekends with 2 kids under 2 wasn’t feasible, so scrapbooking had become very infrequent.  And you just don’t have the time, or the space, to do it during ‘nap times’. Therefore, I enrolled in a Wilton™ cake decorating course at the closest Michael’s’™ location to me, to learn this craft (and talk to other adults!).  Cakes like THIS just weren’t cutting it!!


My step son J’s bday cake – KIND OF looks like a yellow sub, right?!?

Well after 3 levels, turns out I’m kind of good at cake decorating!! Who knew??


This was my final class cake 🙂

I still make custom cakes – but I do it more as a hobby and for friends, family and regular customers.  It was getting too time consuming and was starting to feel like “work” and not a hobby – blech! Plus as you will learn shortly – life was about to change yet again!

So I have included a few photos below of my favorite cakes to date – you can see more on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/CustomCakesbyCrystal page or my website https://customcakesbycrystal.wordpress.com/ 🙂