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So fast forward to almost 2 years in our home… and things aren’t so peachy.

There is stress between us (still going to counselling), stress with “M Sr’s” exes and stress between the boys and myself.  I feel like I am slowly dying inside. I am not happy, I have gained a TON of weight and our children are REALLY unhappy – mostly the older ones, as they know what’s going on.

I treated ALL of the kids equally and as my own, I always had.  This meant discipline as well.  I would not tolerate back talk from anyone, and I was getting a LOT of it from “J” and zero support from “M Sr”.  It was a HUGE stressor for me and one day my top finally blew.  And that was it – we were done.  I won’t go into specifics, but it wasn’t pretty (no one was injured and no abuse of any kind took place, let’s be clear on that).

During a previous session, our counselor had asked us something.  I can’t remember now what it was, but I remember her response to ours, and that was: “You should not be together”.  It was blunt and point blank. We should have listened.

As quickly as we moved in – we moved out.  “M Sr” left first and I stayed with the house, my daughter and the babies.  Once the house sold we all moved back to the city and started our lives over……..single again, but now with experience (and three kids).


Left to right: Me (Mamabear), “M”, “H” and “V”

I had this piece commissioned by my cousin’s gf.  She made it as per my requirements and I love it SO SO much.  To this day it reminds me of my WHY – my reason for BEING – and that is:

  • that I am a MOTHER to three GORGEOUS children
  • I am their leader in our journey called life.  I have to show them the way, hopefully the RIGHT way,
  • this is also where my new personal journey begins. One where I learn to love ME again; to find myself and get back to being healthy and happy (and hopefully before I’m 40)!