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So in my previous post I mentioned that a HUGE new change was happening in my life – and that was that I was going to become a home owner again.  This was even more exciting as I was doing it on my own (well kind of – the down payment was loaned by someone near and dear to me) but my “own” as a single Mom.

I knew that I wanted to move to the west side of the city as that is where my Mom and sister lived – they are both my anchors.  I honestly don’t know where I would be in life without them.  The issue here is, is that this is also one of the more expensive areas to buy a home in. And with 3 kids, one being a teenager, and a little dog I needed space.

OOPS! Did I forget to mention our new addition?  We rescued a little Chug named Max.  The poor “little” guy was going to be put down and I just couldn’t allow it.  Although he was already 4 when we got him, it seems like he has always been with us.

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When Max first came to see us on the left and last summer on the right

So I started the hunt! I was so excited about the possibilities as I felt I had a decent budget – but those thoughts were soon thwarted by crazy bids on the houses I wanted.  I was being out bid faster than I could blink :(.

Then I found it.

I saw a photo on the Real Estate site and I HAD to go and look.  It just seemed to call to me.

Although it was a 2 story, and I was looking for a bungalow, it had everything we needed. 3+1 bedrooms, a huge fenced yard with a play structure and an ISLAND OF MY DREAMS.  As I mentioned in this post, I make cakes on the side.  I had slowed down as they were becoming too overwhelming, but had picked it up again recently.  Plus I LOVED to cook – and even to do crafts with the kids – it was perfect.

Play Structure Island

The play structure in the backyard, and THE island. See those cupboards and drawers – those are on BOTH sides!! EEEEK! ❤

But the house was also priced upwards of my max budget, and the area it was in – I was very worried I would be out bid – by a LOT.

Soo… this is where the fun part comes in that I mentioned in my previous post.  My gf was having a Pampered Chef™ and medium party – and I was attending.  I had never been, to either actually, but was most excited by the medium part.  We saw a lovely lady named Lisa Scrivens – she can be found her website here or on Facebook here.

I felt immediately at ease when I met her and our session began.  She asked my name and then asked a weird question.  She asked if I did Reiki.  (I did not – but more to come on that at a later date).  She asked about me working in healthcare, which I do in a way; she knew it was not my dream job, but that I was content.  She followed with a tarot reading, and OMG. I mean she hit ALL OF THE NAILS ON THE HEAD. My past relationship, issues with my kids (which had escalated a bit), everything.  Then I was able to ask a question – and of course I did – about the house I wanted.  The answer was simple: The person helping me was going to be asked to do some things by the broker.  Do them – the house is yours.  Then my Grandfather came through with his old dog Shep, and for the first time in a long time, I felt sure of my future, and glad that I knew <for sure> who my son’s Guardian Angel was 😉


My Grandfather – my son’s Guardian Angel – missed dearly.