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My life got weird – fast, lol.  As ‘foretold’ in my previous post – sure enough there were recommendations from my Broker….good ones, but still.

I sat and talked with my Real Estate agent and we decided to put in an offer on the last day – at asking price.  She told me to trust her, so I did.

Man – I was sick and scared shitless.  I had been outbid on EVERYTHING and that was going ABOVE asking.  But she knew something I didn’t……

I was the ONLY offer on the house – and they HAD to accept!! I don’t know HOW or WHY (the house isn’t perfect, but it is sound and has zero issues), this happened, but it did – and suddenly – I WAS A HOME OWNER AGAIN!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!


Our new family home ❤

I am STILL in awe as to how we acquired the house.  My Grandfather’s photo sits on our fireplace mantel.  I believe he was instrumental in us getting our home – it just should NOT have occurred how it did!  We are feeling truly blessed right now!


So now it was time to move again! Things weren’t all fun and games at home – my eldest “refused” to switch schools, so we agreed she could commute as long as she got there, and I had to book time off of work during a time while everyone wants holidays!  Thankfully we had the house for almost a full month so we were able to move in slowly – I truly believe this is will be the best thing for my family!