Assault, Appendicitis, Anxiety and Antidepressants…That pretty much summed up our 1st September in our new home.  Pretty “awesome”, hey?

The assault happened in our old neighbourhood, which ended the commute for my daughter to continue attending her highschool there.  She was attacked by an intoxicated woman of my age while she waited in a bus shelter to catch a bus home – over not having a cigarette to give her (non-smoker).  She suffered quite a severe concussion.  They never caught the assailant.

Less than 3 weeks later I received a call from her at work telling me that she is in severe stomach pain.  I took her into the nearest hospital (the 1st time) and after waiting for 6 hours left.  The next morning I took her to the Children’s Hospital, we find out she has appendicitis and she is admitted and scheduled for an appendectomy.

YIKES!!! This definitely wasn’t the “new start” I was hoping for!!!!

So “V” had started at the local Highschool (just prior to her appendectomy) and the school is less than a 10 minute walk from our house. I was so much more comfortable with that over the commute by bus to our old neighbourhood of course!  Unfortunately, with the good also comes some bad…..

I found out “V” was continuing to indulge in the Mary-Jane (yes – my drug use suspicions had been confirmed by way of a suspension from school prior to our move – and my first cell phone ticket as well!).  So, in order to curb her destructive behaviour, we took a trip to see her pediatrician where she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  Some other scary, personal information came out as well regarding “V” and self-harm and her reason for her drug use. We elected to go to counseling through MATC – well I decided for the both of us.  “V” was prescribed Prozac but hated the medication and side effects so I didn’t force the issue as we were attending MATC regularly.  At the time she hated the meetings, but in the long run, it opened up our lines of communication and our relationship is stronger than ever.

“V” has grown into an amazing, strong, beautiful young woman and I could not be more proud of her!  She makes me proud to be her Mom and continues to make ME WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON EVERY DAY.

I want to share this.  This is an excerpt from her IG account:


I’m not usually someone who opens up or likes to share personal stuff with the world. But seeing as how lots of people often ask ‘what does your tattoo mean to you’, and everyone does have a special meaning behind their own tattoo, I thought id explain to everyone at once what mines about. I’m doing it because the one thing I’ve learnt in the past year is, honesty is the most important thing. No matter what. You find out who your real friends are through honesty, even which family is worth allowing to take part in your life, some don’t always appreciate it and some really do. But honesty is something I’ve began to appreciate myself. The feather breaking off into the birds is essentially like a new beginning, almost like a sense of freedom. The past few years I wasn’t putting myself in the best places, I made some silly choices, drugs, self harm, etc. my mom found out and it’s actually because of her that today I’m healthy, clean from everything and I honestly believe she’s the reason I’m still here. She helped me climb out of what felt like the deepest hole. She really did help me through it every step of the way. Not a lot of people actually know any of that, just a few. Today, I rarely go out, and I honestly have taken a different route. The feather was me at my worst time, and the birds are parts of me breaking free and onto new beginnings. This tattoo as my first tattoo is the most honest and pure thing in my life. And I’m sharing it with you. All I can say is, anyone in a dark place you’ll get through it, I know that’s so cliché and easier said than done. But honestly don’t ever be afraid to share what’s going on with someone because I guarantee they’re open to guiding you towards helping you through it and essentially freeing yourself. You have to learn to love yourself and always remember you’re something worth climbing out of the darkest holes for. ~”V”

**If you need help please contact your doctor. There are also resources for Manitoba here: