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I know I have been focusing on my journey and some of the issues I had been dealing with regarding “V”.  That isn’t to say there weren’t ones with my babies – It is just hard to keep my blog posts concise.

I am going to finally admit I had a REVELATION! My kids are NOT perfect. WHAT?! I know, right?!

But in all seriousness, I was oblivious to many issues that they had been exhibiting – chalking a lot up to being a girl, being a boy, high energy, just a princess, it’s from all of the changes, etc; etc.  And to be fair to myself, I was never made aware of the seriousness of some of the issues while they were in care until very recently. The daycare handled the situation because they were trained in how to, and left it at that. Hindsight is always 20/20 though, isn’t it?

I did touch briefly on some issues in my post titled: “2011/2012 – The Whirlwind Year” but not enough to really bring out the severity of the issues.

When we moved, that meant a change in child care as well as “M” would be starting school the following fall.  This was a very arduous task as child care here in Winnipeg, especially SUBSIDIZED childcare, is very hard to come by, and I really wanted the kids to stay together. After MUCH emailing, cold calling, utilizing my MLA, Daycare coordinators and social media use, I FINALLY found a daycare – a centre that could take BOTH kids and transport “M” to school!

The daycare wasn’t my “ideal” centre.  It was definitely a downgrade from their current one, and was located in a not so favourable location.  But the staff seemed nice and competent….*ahem*.

I don’t remember any “issues” at the centre before the renovations began.  In fact, they seemed to enjoy it there. Miss “H” took to her favorite girls, and kept mostly to herself.  “M” was his usual social self.  But they received a grant to renovate and the kids were all whisked away to a church basement – and then all hell broke loose, so to speak….and this is really where things began to unravel……