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When your life begins to unravel….when you can see your children slowly becoming unhappy, enraged and just SAD….when you feel like you are at the end of your Motherly rope – all you do is try DESPERATELY to continue to try to be the tie that binds.

As I alluded to at the end of my previous post, my children were becoming out of control.  It escalated so quickly (or so I thought) that they were even “kicked out” of their daycare!! I was appalled!! WHAT type of daycare cannot handle 4 and 5 year olds?? I mean SERIOUSLY! At this point I had been a mother for 17+ years and ALL of my children had been in care since before their 1st birthdays and I never had an issue with any of them. According to the employees – “M” would take off and run. Bolt at the 1st sign that he would be facing consequences for whatever actions had previously occurred. And he was FAST. He and another child (the same one from the bus) would also wreak havoc and completely ignore all workers, then get all of the younger ones going as well….at 5.  “H” would apparently throw huge tantrums and knock over book shelves and kick and scratch and bite! Behaviour I had NEVER seen previously! (Behaviour that at this point was also not being seen at school).


Even today, knowing what I know, I still hate that centre.  I learned that they had a VERY high ratio of “behaviourally challenged” kids and a very LOW ratio of properly trained ECE IIs! They also didn’t implement things they were taught via workshops, so I DO feel they held some responsibility in the way my children acted.

That started the next roller coaster ride! NO CHILDCARE FOR A WORKING MOM OF THREE! The frantic search resumed for childcare!! Calls and emails, pleading and begging…..nothing in our catchment.  The school the next catchment over was full, daycare in that area wouldn’t transport to school and busing wasn’t available……can you FEEL my stress through this post??? I can feel my blood pressure rising re-living it in this post!! LOL!

With the help of the daycare coordinator, I found a space for “H” in a pre-school age program, but it was based in a school quite a distance away, and there was no space for “M”.  Plus we weren’t sure the school had room for an out of catchment student anyway…. Well we had no choice but to take the space for “H” and start praying hard that something came up for “M” – and fast!

Oh and there was still another kicker in this story – I had an ACL repair surgery coming up! Guess who would be immobile for the next 4-6 weeks – OVER Christmas? THIS LADY!

During this time, we were blessed with an AMAZING Principal at “M”‘s school who graciously transported him to and from school for me while I was on medical leave, and Miss “H” stayed with Dad who transported her to and from daycare with short visits in between.

I DID receive some great news – the school WOULD accept “M” out of catchment so he and “H” would be in the same location, unfortunately still no space in the centre. This meant PT hours after recovery to transport to and from school until care was found.

This was a VERY rough time for everyone.  “M” had to change schools mid-term, KNEW he had been “kicked out” of daycare and that things were stressful for everyone.  It’s no wonder things got worse…….much worse…….

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