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Anxiety, ADHD, Abilify, Biphentin, Concerta, mood disorder, ODD, Prozac, Respiridone, SPD…2mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg, 36mg, 45mg……

I’m sure some of you recognize those ABCs and 123s of ADHD and the like.  It has become common verbiage in my life.

While I don’t regret medicating my children AT ALL, the side effects and ups and downs are so disconcerting. Medication has allowed my children to thrive in school, have socially acceptable behaviours and conversations and to be happy for the most part.  But when their little bodies become acclimatized to the doses, or when certain side effects like HUGE weight gain or mood swings happen – it’s scary and exhausting for ALL parties.  I waited as long as possible and exhausted all options before beginning the cycle of medications, and we still aren’t where we need to be.

Counselling, behavioural intervention plans, resource, clinics, psychiatrists….more common place terminology.

After years of trying to figure out what was “wrong”, how do I “fix” it, am I a “bad parent”, I finally came to realize none of the above have answers.  While there have been “diagnosis” and “treatments” and “parenting classes”, we will ALWAYS have to work harder to just BE.

Because of their compound issues, doctors appointments, school meetings, counseling etc., it is impossible for me to hold a traditional full-time job.  That, and the stress from the illnesses, missing work, financial strain etc., actually made me physically ill to the point I was in the emergency room several times and had several procedures done to try to find the cause.  IT WAS STRESS.6b3fe97d5531e72826726979a1d99ac4-300x300 This is why I started this blog.  To tell my story and to GET PEOPLE TALKING.  Depression, anxiety and mental illness/mood disorders are NOT JUST adult issues.  Children suffer too. And it can get BAD.  Self-care of the parents/care-givers DURING these times is SO important!! You need time to recoup, recharge, rest and HEAL. If you don’t, you WILL get sick. Then who will take care of your babies?? 64074-quotes-about-self-care

Enter my self-care journey………