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Whoever said writing a blog was easy – was a liar!  I have been trying to sum up my life and bring you up to speed with my journey so that other can see they are not alone in their struggles.  Not only that, but so that you understand who I am as a Mom, a woman and a person – and how we came to be where we are today.  This process has been seemingly impossible, however.  I am struggling to update here consistently, and some of the details are now lost in time.  I am going to do my best to summarize the last 2.5 years in one or 2 posts.

As M entered Kindergarten, he became increasingly anxious and (seemingly) angry.  He would run away, knock over book shelves and just get REALLY upset if things were out of sorts.  He had an AMAZING teacher.  She was able to develop a very close bond with him and figured out a way to help control his environment so HE didn’t feel out of control.

Miss H was in the school daycare and was given a support worker. She also developed an amazing bond with her and was able to integrate H into group activities and control her outbursts as well.  While H can be very social and outgoing, she seems to prefer the company of herself….

We continued to have issues throughout the year and met with the Behavioural Intervention Team at the school.  We would be working closely with them to see how we could best help my children adapt to their new environments.

Even with all of their trials throughout the year look at how happy they are at graduation Kindergarten for M and Pre-school for H).